The Vienna Slides

From Music Business Research:

At the first “Vienna Music Business Research Days” from June 9-10, 2010 at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, economists and music professionals focused on music file sharing as well as on content flat rate models (“cultural” flat rate). In workshops, key notes and panel discussions recent research results were presented and controversially discussed.  

List of participants in alphabetical order: Electric Indigo (DJ & musician, Vienna), Eric Garland (CEO BigChampagne, Los Angeles), Philip Ginthör (General Manager Sony Music Entertainment Austria, Vienna), Peter Jenner (music manager and music producer, London), Stan J. Liebowitz (Professor, University of Texas at Dallas), Richard Mollet (The British Recorded Music Industry – BPI, London), Felix Oberholzer-Gee (Professor, Harvard Business School), Peter Tschmuck (Professor, University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna), Carsten Winter (Professor, University of Music and Drama, Hannover).


(From Liebowitz’s Presentation)

The age of “Vanity Albums”

  • 97,000 new albums in 2009.
    • 18,000 sold less than 1 copy
    • 81,000 sold less than 100, generally much less.
  • Only 19,000 were from the major labels.
  • 4.3% of albums from majors sold more than 15,000 units for majors; .2% for indies.


(Eric Garland’s Presentation:)






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