Pitchfork Rating Process

The ratings are not assigned lightly. “Over and over we revisit decisions before they’re on the site,” said Scott Plagenhoef, the editor in chief. Albums are discussed via e-mail and on a staff message board. The review is then assigned to a writer trusted to deliver the group’s opinion. Reviews have individual bylines, but they represent the Pitchfork hive-mind.

And Pitchfork is still happy to take down a big name every now and again. The new Eminem album received a 2.8, and the new M.I.A. album received a 4.4. A low rating still makes for good conversation, though, and page views. M.I.A. is one of the site’s prominent advertisers this week.

via Music – Pitchfork, Music Criticism’s Upstart, Grows Up – NYTimes.com.

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