Organizing Music Facts: Categories and Tags (and Highlights)

I will be trying to adopt a more consistent organization of Music Facts in “categories”:

  • Business: music industry information
  • General: site maintenance, updates, everything “about this site”, like this very post
  • History: historical information
  • Music: information about artists (and art?)
  • Technology: technology-related facts (internet, software, hardware, media formats)
  • Trivia: everything else

I am not trying to be overly precise and meticulous with this definitions, I just looking for some consistent organization. I may change this scheme in the future if appropriate. Additionally, I plan to use tags more liberally and creatively to better classify the content. Any suggestions?

Update: I also created a list of permanent links called “Highlights” where I display some of my favorite posts which otherwise would remain buried in the archives.

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