Who needs a high-end audio system?

The case for high-end audio:

Again, it’s not so different from the exotic car business; Ferrari currently sells a mere 6,000 cars a year worldwide, they’re essentially hand-built creations. Since its founding in 1947 until 2008, Ferrari has sold only 130,000 cars; Toyota built 280,000 Prius’ in 2007 alone.

I’m sure the majority of those Ferraris are still running and cherished by their owners; and the same case can be made for high-end audio gear. It’s built to last decades. Take Linn Products, they still sell their very first product, the LP-12 turntable, and the company still services ‘tables they made in the early 1970s. I can make the same case for dozens of high-end audio companies. Does Apple service every computer it ever made? Can Sony fix your ancient Trinitron TV? I doubt it; it wouldn’t serve their bottom line.

via Who needs a high-end audio system? | The Audiophiliac – CNET News.

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