Agassi, Shields, Kenny G and Michael Bolton

This troubled marriage is another reason to dislike Kenny G and Michael Bolton.  Now we must find who set up Agassi with Barbra Streisand before that.

Andre Agassi’s well-documented relationship with Brooke Shields began in the most 90s way imaginable—via fax, after Kenny G and his wife (whom Agassi met through Michael Bolton) set them up. They wed in 1997, at a paparazzi-swarmed ceremony in Monterey, California. According to Agassi’s memoir, Open, their relationship had its moments—she persuaded him to cut his famous hair; he stayed by her side during stalker scares—but the worldly Princeton grad and her Hollywood friends were a poor match for a guy who’d only known “the constant whirl … of this fucked-up tennis life.”

via Photos: Wimbledon WAGs | Culture | Vanity Fair.

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