Steve Porcaro is the Answer

Jeopardy!-answering machine Watson is IBM’s latest exploit in marketing artificial inteligence and the subject of a very entertaining NYT article.

The text does not bring musical facts really, but we must admire a computer that, when asked something about Wizard of Oz, briefly considers the answer to be “Steve Porcaro“.

Later, when asked to complete the phrase “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Ka—,” Watson offered “not in Kansas anymore,” which was incorrect, since the precise phrasing was simply “Kansas anymore,” and “Jeopardy!” is strict about phrasings. When I looked at the screen, I noticed that the answers Watson had ranked lower were pretty odd, including “Steve Porcaro,” the keyboardist for the band Toto (which made a vague sort of sense), and “Jackie Chan” (which really didn’t).

(Nonsense meme/t-shirt idea: “Steve Porcaro Is the Answer!”)

You can see that artificial inteligence has a long way to go in the field of random music trivia: it completely forgot “Dust in the Wind”.

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