Compass Studio rates


Wondering how much it would cost to record an album in the famous Compass Point Studios in the middle of Bahamas? Check their website to see if it fits on your budget:


Weekly lockout: $15,400 per week for A or B studio (12 hr day)

Building “privacy” lockout for one studio: $24,500 per week (12 hr day)

Building “full use” lockout: $35,000 per week (plus extras) (12 hr day)

Rates negotiable for longer bookings or extra equipment

Hourly rates upon request

ProTools operator: Call for rates

Studio overtime fee: $200 per hour after 12 hrs, $250 per hour after midnight

Assistant engineer overtime fee: $35 per hour after 12 hrs


One bedroom apartments: starting at $150 per day (includes kitchen, extra sofa-bed in LR, Cable TV, Wireless Internet, Local phone, etc.)

The famous Compass Point Resort is located across the street. (As seen on TV!) Gourmet restaurant and bar on the grounds. For rates and schedule, call Linda Scully on (242) 327-4500.

For reference, you can check with previous clients: AC/DC; Talking Heads; The Rolling Stones; Shakira; Celine Dion; Roger Waters; Julio Iglesias; U2

via Rates.

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