Mick Jagger Career in Banking

The most recent movie that Mick Jagger appeared in was the entertaining heist film The Bank Job (Roger Donaldson; 2008). It’s one of my favorite films in recent years so I was happy to see Jagger make a brief and incredibly ironic appearance in the movie. The Bank Job is a creative throwback to earlier British crime movies and it takes place in London during 1971. In the film Mick Jagger has an unaccredited role as an employee of the bank that the criminals plan to rob. His appearance is so brief that you’ll miss him if you blink, but it’s interesting to note that before Jagger committed himself to The Rolling Stones he was a promising student at the London School of Economics. He could have easily ended up working in a British bank if he hadn’t joined the band. In the alternative world of The Bank Job, Mick Jagger’s sudden appearance seems to hint at that possibility. It’s a funny little moment that makes you take pause and appreciate the route that Jagger’s life did take. I’m sure he would have been a wonderful banker but I’m extremely grateful that he decided to pursue a career in music instead. Mick Jagger’s acting will never be as celebrated as his musical achievements with The Rolling Stones but he’s a talented performer and I’ve enjoyed following his career wherever it happened to take him.

via TCM’s Classic Movie Blog.

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